Compliance, Supply Chain Solutions, and Payment made easy

Peach Medical Labs requires an extensive and exhaustive due diligence process with all manufacturers and suppliers we work with to make sure that all products that we distribute, are authentic and compliant with regulatory standards. Our flexible payment terms for organizations echoes these standards and safely allows your institution to procure products.

health care
Peach Medical Labs puts our front line responders on the top of our list for medical supplies. We have worked with hospital procurement, supply chain, and purchasing departments of all sizes in securing a consistent, vetted, and safe supply of Personal Protective Equipment... Read more
Peach medical offers testing products for Laboratories. Point of Care faculties, as well as at-Home Testing (OTC). We offer VTM/Swabs. Covid-19 Antigen Tests, Covid-19 Antibody Tests, and Covid-19 PCR Tests. Read more
Business Growth: It’s Time to Switch from Surviving to Thriving Safely!
Even though the last few years have been disruptive for businesses nationwide, we are hopeful that the “new normal” will provide opportunities for growth. Owners and managers are looking to re-open and get their business back on track as soon as possible. Read more
Peach Medical Labs has a breath of experience working with various different departments on the federal, state, and local government levels. We understand the unique needs of each organization and consult with the procurement and purchasing departments of each organization in delivering vetted products on-time... Read more
Schools are an important part of the infrastructure of communities, as they provide safe, supportive learning environments for students, employ teachers and other staff, and enable parents, guardians, and caregivers to work. Administration and school districts have to determine a plan to help mitigate the threat of Covid-19 virus to students... Read more
for families
If there’s one thing that we have learnt as a global community, it’s the value of family. Your loved ones, your tribe, these are the people you care about and instinctively want to keep safe. With young children and frail elders, we understand the need to protect the more vulnerable members of our families. We know that your community’s health and wellbeing are essential to you. Read more

Supply Chain Solutions for all types and sizes of organizations and institutions

background Recognizing that a variety of organizations and institutions are facing supply chain issues in acquiring protective products, Peach Medical Labs has optimized its fulfillment capabilities to fit everyone’s needs. Our strategic office, warehouse, and distribution center locations allow us to fulfill orders in wholesale or retail quantities, nationwide.

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From Our Customers


Within days of shutting down, we reached out to Peach Medical for help. Short staffed with many COVID cases of their own, they jumped through hoops for us and supplied us our first shipment over a holiday weekend. We were able to quickly catch many cases, and keep the school open. Additionally, we were able to pass along extra tests to multiple Doctor offices in the area to protect vulnerable patients.

-- Woodside School


Peachtree has always been on-time, reliable and excellent with their customer service. They have been an adaptable partner to help navigate the ever-changing world of Covid supplies/needs.

-- Genevieve Kersh, RCI COVID Safety


Ordered 6 pack of covid tests - got an immediate confirmation of order. It did take a few days longer than the 2 day service we paid for but the tests arrived earlier than UPS predicted. We appreciate being able to get this hard to find product in a timely manner. Thank you

-- Azmir Islam


I ordered multiple test, they were all delivered on time with extremely fast shipping. All my test have been positive, so they all seem to be 90%+ accurate. This company is definitely a lifesaver, I knew not to see my elderly family because of this company.

-- Logan Rosenthal


I had a positive experience with Peach Medical. I’ve been very ill and was disappointed to find out that all the CVS Pharmacies in my region were sold out of COVID tests. I received the product very quickly and without delay. I’ll be buying from Peach again soon.

-- Carmen San Diego


Ordered At-Home OTC Covid Test, iHealth. The package arrived by the expected delivery date. I would recommend buying from Peach Medical. It's very difficult to find Covid test at any drug stores, grocers, etc.

-- Alfredo Vega