Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Nothing is more important than good health.

As healthcare providers and front-line workers, we applaud your role in the medical industry. From connecting with patients to providing acute and long-term care, we recognize the work you do every day to improve people’s lives.

And we want to help.

At Peach Medical Labs, we share the same commitment and passion for patient health.

Through our vast experience in the healthcare industry, we understand the value an excellent medical supply service brings to your health care facility. You can trust our team of professionals at Peach Medical Labs to help you build a sound, cost-effective procurement plan that is specifically tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

With our wide variety of cost-effective products like Covid 19 rapid testing kits, disinfectants and personal protective equipment, we help our customers improve their workflows efficiently and safely.

We are motivated to provide quality medical supplies to your facilities, with reliable supply chains and efficient ordering systems that ensure rapid, dependable deliveries right at your doorstep.

Peach Medical Labs is the medical supplies company you can trust. We provide our customers with a wide range of products that meet their needs. Our quality, efficiency and customer service are second to none.


At Peach Medical Labs, we understand the importance of providing and distributing quality medical supplies. Hospitals are the bedrock of our healthcare system, and they require a dependable medical supply system for efficient and safe patient care. We know that you need to make well-informed, professionally appropriate decisions regarding the needs of your hospital or healthcare organization so that you can plan for its future necessities, materials, and resources.

We have worked with procurement personnel and purchasing departments of various hospitals to ensure a consistent supply of personal protective equipment, diagnostic equipment, point-of-care testing kits and disinfectants.

With the spread of the Covid 19 infection, demand for rapid kits has increased exponentially, as they provide a fast and easy way to screen and diagnose patients for the virus. After buying and using rapid antigen test kits, you can recognize exposure risks, implement quarantine protocols, and safeguard the health of your employees, quickly and effectively.

Our best-selling products include Covid-19 Antigen Tests like the Abbott BinaxNOW at-home test, Quidel Quick Vue and other OTC Covid Testing kits. They are known for their effectiveness in the immediate investigation of Covid 19. With easy instructions for the BinaxNOW kits, the BinaxNOW antigen self-test accuracy is one of the best in the market.

From nurses to patients, physicians to support staff, a broad segment of the healthcare community has been affected by the ongoing demand for personal protective equipment in the wake of the pandemic. With durable and high calibre N95 Covid Masks and supplies, as well as surgical masks, we work to deliver medical supplies that will guarantee the safety of both providers and patients. Our goal is to assist you in meeting your purchasing needs. You can rely on our accurate and speedy ordering and delivery services to ensure employee safety and a better patient experience.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities look after the most vulnerable section of our communities – the elderly. Research has shown that with decreased immunity and co-existing medical conditions, they are more at risk of exposure and infection to Covid 19.

These nursing facilities must receive a steady supply of personal protective equipment, N95 Covid Masks and supplies, Covid-19 Antigen Tests like the Abbott BinaxNOW at-home test, Quidel Quick Vue and other OTC Covid Testing kits.

Peach Medical Labs has worked with individual and group nursing homes to secure durable and dependable medical supplies by increasing their buying power through Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s). Our easy-to-use ordering systems, responsive website and reliable inventory make it easy to keep your facility well stocked and ready to deal with outbreaks or surges in infection rates.

No matter what your medical supply inventory needs are, we can help you find the right equipment at the right price for your organization. We provide a full range of personal protective equipment, including gloves, gowns, surgical and N95 masks, face shields and goggles to keep employees and residents in your care facilities safe. Along with disinfectant supplies and rapid diagnostic testing kits, we ensure that you have the tools you need to deliver the best standard of care to your residents and patients.

We pride ourselves on being your single source for medical supplies you can depend on! We are driven by our commitment to providing you with the quality products you need through our easy-to-use interface and e-commerce platform. We enable steady inventory, reliable deliveries, and constant support for your organization.

Private Practices

With the rapid spread of Covid 19, larger health organizations and hospitals required an ample supply of medical equipment and consumables. This left private medical practices dealing with frequent shortages. It was difficult to place orders on a smaller scale for personal protective equipment, Covid-19 Antigen Tests like the Abbott BinaxNOW at-home test, Quidel Quick Vue and other OTC Covid Testing kits.

At Peach Medical Labs, we understand the need for private practices to find quality medical supplies, rapid diagnostic test kits and equipment at affordable prices. We launched our E-Commerce portal for smaller bulk orders, customizing our services for your individual needs.

This ensures that private physician practices or stand-alone clinics can balance customer care with operational efficiency. We can help you find the right resources to smoothly run your private healthcare facility, providing the best outcomes and quality care for your patients.

As a dependable distributor of wholesale medical supplies and equipment, we are ready to deliver robust inventory support. We are committed to providing quality products with an easy ordering process, dependable delivery service and cost-effective pricing. Our goal is to provide quality products with exceptional customer service.

Save time and money with our reliable services, as we deliver personalized assistance to your private practice.

With Peach Medical Labs, you can stop worrying about stocking your shelves and get back to the challenging job at hand.... safe healthcare for all!