Nitin Khosla- CEO

Nitin Khosla is the founder of CEO of Peach Medical.
Nitin has spent the last 15 years building sales and marketing teams within the e-commerce landscape, working for companies such as NCR, Firstdata, and WorldPay. Learning the SaaS model from his previous experiences, he embarked in a new venture in founding Peach Medical with the premise of retaining clients through delivering high quality products on time, customer relationship management, and understanding his customers needs through different industries. Through his original coding writing, Peach Medical has done 50,000 + orders with 1,000,000 unique views.
A recognized industry leader, Nitin applies his creativity, tenacity and business acumen towards building an impactful organization that achieves outstanding results.

Adam Malik- Chief Procurement Officer

Adam Malik began his career in sourcing and procurement in February of 2015 with a primary focus of hospitality supplies. Since joining the team, Adam has expanded on our products and added multiple solutions through different verticals. He has become an expert in recognizing trends and building strategic supply chain options with a risk management focus. While building relationships and strategic partnerships, Adam has been able to build and manage supply chain options in scarce climates. With a structured operating procedure, Adam has been able to guide his team of procurement experts and build unique supply chain solutions for organizations and government.

Aishah Kirchheimer- Chief Financial Officer

Aishah Kirchheimer is the Chief Financial Officer for Peach Medical Labs. She assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer in December of 2021 and is responsible for providing strategic financial leadership for Peach. As the Chief Financial Officer, Aishah will deploy revolutionary financial strategies that empower the company to grow and maintain a strong financial operation. Before reaching executive status, she was head of operations at Malix LLC, a wholesale medical supply distributor, before partnering as anowner at Peach Medical Sourcing and Peach Medical Labs.

Nicolina Delgadillo- VP Business Development

Nicolina is the VP of Business Development. She has B.S. in Finance with a minor in Financial Planning from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and a Masters in Corporate Instructional Technology. Her competitive spirit drove accelerated growth through the corporate structure with her work at major corporations such as PECO, DIRECTV, OTG Management, and Goldman Sachs. Throughout her experience in the workforce, she repeatedly noticed the difficulties around corporate training programs. Delgadillo discovered this niche business opportunity and devoted her efforts towards making the design process not only more straightforward and easier to implement, but with the goal of returning a higher ROI to the companies buying such services. Delgadillo doesn't only focus on acquiring business for Peach Medical but also develops programs designed to engage the business target audience and fulfill business objectives in a timely, cost-effective manner while producing measurable growth.

Carolyn Vega- Engagement Specialist

Carolyn is an experienced Manager with a demonstrated history in the luxury retail industry. Created an award-winning CRM integration for a LVMH leading fashion house that revolutionized product reserves direct from the runway. Before joining Peach Medical, Carolyn was Director of Sales and Marketing for a medical supply company. Carolyn received Bachelor’s Degree from Miami International University of Art & Design.

Danielle Barrata- Lead Operations Specialist

Danielle has worked in various capacities in operations and business management. Most recently, she worked as Chief Operating Officer and head of client relations at Valenex Labs and Biomedic Centers - two Miami-based startups focused on lab and diagnostic services. Prior to that, Danielle worked in various managerial capacities at health, wellness and lifestyle companies including Equinox and the Skimm. Danielle received her bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida and her Master’s degree in Family Therapy from Nova University.

Charis Kirchheimer- Client Engagement Specialist

Charis is a dedicated creative and works in our customer engagement team. She has worked in various industries including real estate, retail, advertising, service, design, wholesale, distribution and photography. Her main passion is working as a photographer but goes above and beyond for us here at Peach Medical. She not only helps our customer engagement team provide customer resolutions but communicates with our fulfillment center to make sure our sales teams have what they need to succeed.